Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Technical Ceramics and Nanomaterials

Research Manager: Dr. Alexandr A. Alexeenko, Ph.D. in Engineering

Address: Barykina 269, Gomel, 246746, Republic of Belarus
Tel. + 375 232 25 15 30

Research area of the Laboratory – the study of physical and chemical processes of synthesizing oxide systems and obtaining based on them materials with preset properties (glass, ceramics, composite materials) with the use of original scientific methods and developments.

On working areas of the Laboratory the manufacture of a number of engineering developments is provided:

  • Diamond grinding elements with ceramic bond for optic part fine grinding;
  • Large pore ceramic filter elements for cleaning oil products, solder melt and other substances
  • Ceramic diffuser-aerators for circuit boards wave soldering units;
  • Electrotechnical ceramic accessories;
  • Optical UV-absorbing light transformers on the base of high silica glasses;
  • Nonlinear optical matrices in the form of high silica glasses containing nano particles of recovered metals and metal chalkogenides;
  • Luminescent materials in the form of ultra dispersed powders and ceramic materials based on yttrium oxide, aluminum and yttrium -aluminum-garnet;
  • Heat insulating materials in the form of foamed glass ceramics or composites
  • Micro and nano size forsterite powders (Mg2SiO4) doped with chromium ions for obtaining luminescent ceramics designed for femtosecond laser for lower Infra Red Band (as optically active elements);
  • Magnetically soft composite materials applied as functional components of radioelectronic devices of new generation.