Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Technology Transfer Center

Technology Transfer Center for Mechanical Engineering area was established at the University in 2002.

Major goals of the Technology Transfer Center:

  • Most complete use of  scientific and technical potential of the University for the needs of  national economy of the region  and ensuring necessary conditions for stimulation of implementation and  development of   creative abilities of   researchers , instructors and students of the University;
  • marketing  and commercialization of  innovation scientific and technical products, produced at the University;
  • developing and improving the relation between science and  industry, arranging of  applying the results of research works,  innovation experimental and design  and also experimental technological developments in industry, transfer of advanced technologies with specialists' technical support.

Functions of the Technology Transfer Center connected with research activity and applying  research work data:

  • Collection and analysis of the data, creating database of  the research  data  of the University ,    than preparing and disseminating the information  about the University research works , popularization of  the advances  of the University in the field of science and research;
  • collection  of the information about the needs of the enterprises of machine building industry and involving research potential to solving the problems of  production;
  • participation in  arranging and holding scientific and practical  events (conferences, seminars, symposiums and exhibitions);
  • establishing mutually beneficial  contacts between researchers of the University and representatives of industry  and participation in concluding and fulfilling agreements (contracts) on applying completed research work data and innovation technologies of the University researchers at national and foreign enterprises;
  • exchange of scientific and technical information with national and foreign institutions and organizations and  technology transfer centers;
  • participation in the  development of the plans of applying research data and defining priority directions of scientific-technical policy of the University based on the analysis of the demand for engineering developments and scientific services;
  • contributing to conducting research and development at  up-to-date scientific and technical level.

Contact Information:

Mailing Adress: Prospect Octiabria, 48, 246746 Gomel, Republic of Belarus
Tel: (+375 232) 22 10 88, Fax: (+375 232) 26 02 87