Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

International Center for Advanced Studies

Director: Dr. Olga P. Solovtsova (DSc in Physics and Mathematics)

Address: Pr.Octiabria, 48, Gomel, 246746, Republic of Belarus
Tel. + 375 232 23 11 96

International Center for Advanced Studies (ICAS) was established in 2002 with the purpose of consolidation of research potentials of intergovernmental organization “Joint Institute for Nuclear Research “ (the city of Doubna) and the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel in the field of fundamental and applied science, improving the quality of education, training specialists of high qualification, applying new forms of international cooperation. In 2003 the additional agreement on personnel training was concluded. Nowadays the ICAS council consists of internationally recognized scientists and researchers.

Research areas of the Center and the methods of research applied are closely connected with the world-known school of the XX century of the academician of Russian Academy of Sciences D.V.Shirkov, widely known as the the author of “The Introduction to the Theory of Quantum Fields”, a work in fundamental physics that played very important role in education of many generations of physicists and mathematicians all over the world.

Goals and objectives of the Center:

  • Training specialists of high qualification and conducting research in most promising areas ofand physical-mathematical and applied sciences based on the integration of higher education, fundamental and applied sciences.
  • Improving the efficiency of the participating scientists and specialists of the Republic of Belarus in the operation of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the member of which being the Republic of Belarus.
  • Improving instruction process by employing qualified specialists including the scientists of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research for delivering lectures, supervising research work of students and post-graduate students and also on the basis of cooperation with education and research center of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.
  • Inviting young scientists and specialists to the Center as a place of professional contacts, meetings and the exchange of research information.
  • Establishing relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with national and international research and educational centers, and also with industrial enterprises and institutions.
  • Conducting international conferences, workshops, scientific schools, colloquiums and symposiums in the field of physics and mathematics.
  • Developing and applying into practice new forms of international cooperation with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.