Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel



The idea of creating a polytechnic higher education institution in the city of Gomel belongs to the former director of “Gomselmash” Agricultural Machine Plant Ivan P. Kotenok. His initiative supported by local authorities and the Ministry of Higher and High Specialized Education was that impact which resulted in establishing an Engineering Faculty of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour Belarussian Technical Institute at “Gomselmash” Plant.

First 200 students of an evening form of education started their studies on October 1, 1968. Instruction was provided in three specialities: manufacturing engineering, metal cutting tools and machine tools, equipment and technology for metal forming, casting equipment and technology. Roman A. Routto , a Ph.D in Engineering, was appointed the first Dean of the Gomel Engineering Faculty of Belarussian Polytechnic Institute.

The formation of the higher education institution is closely connected with the activity of a large number of talented engineers, organizers of research work, production and higher school in the Republic of Belarus – V.A.Belyi, P.I.Yascheritsin, N.M.Meshkov, F.N.Kaputski, V.E. Starzhinski, R.A.Routto, V.N. Starikov, V.P.Stavrov, A.S.Shaguinian, S.B.Sarelo.

Years passed and in January 1973 a Gomel Branch of Polytechnic Institute was opened on the base of the Engineering Faculty. The first graduation of the students from the Evening Department of the Gomel Branch took place in the same year.

In 1981 the Gomel Branch of Belarussian Polytechnic Institute was reorganized into Gomel Polytechnic Institute due to its growing significance of not only for “Gomselmash” Plant but also for actively developing industry of the whole region. The first Rector of the Institute was Vasylii P. Stavrov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor. Five faculties were established at the University : Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Technological, Automation and Control, Evening Faculty.

In 1986 Albert S. Shaguinian became the Rector of the Institute. During the years of his leadership building No 1 for classes, laboratory building for heavy equipment , hostel No 2, dwelling building for teaching staff were built and the construction of after-class sanatorium/health care center was started.

In 1995 according to the Enactment of Belarusian Board of Ministers the Institute was named after outstanding aircraft designer Pavel O.Sukhoi.

In the beginning of 90-ies Gomel Polytechnic Institute was becoming a prestigious rapidly growing higher education institution of Gomel region. By that time a new main building of the University had been built, the construction of the second part of the building No 2 had been brought to a desired level, the work on provision of all proper conveniences in the territory of the Institute was continued.

In 1998 July 1, Sukhoi Gomel Polytechnic Institute was reorganized into the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel.

In 2001 Stanislav B.Sarelo, Ph.D in Engineering, Associate Professor, a Member of the Belarussian Engineering Academy, Corresponding Member of the International Engineering Academy became the Rector of the University. In 2003 one of the best in Belarus student’s sanatoria/health care centers was put into operation. Based on the University facilities the Gomel Regional Center for Education Testing and Students Professional Orientation was established  which represents Belarus Institute of Knowledge Control and is a coordinator of the performance of all organizations concerned with  preparing and conducting knowledge testing in the region. The Center actively cooperates with the regional Department of Education on the issues of professional orientation of the higher education institutions entrants.

Since 2007 Sergei I. Timoshin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, has been the Rector of the University.

In 2012 the University was granted the status of scientific institution.

The University is one of the leading technical education institutions in the Republic of Belarus and it provides training for the graduation of engineering personnel and higher scientific qualification personnel for such branches of industry as mechanical engineering, metallurgy, power engineering, economy, radio electronic engineering and information technologies. In accordance with special permit (license) to provide educational activity issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus the University provides instruction in 21 specialities of the first level of higher education (for a Diploma of Higher Education), in 8 specialities of the second level of higher education ( for a Master’s Degree), in 9 specialities for a Ph.D. and Doctor’s Degrees, 18 specialities for retraining people with higher education and also pre-University training for students of high and high specialized education institutions.

About 10 000 people work and study at the University. There are 7 faculties and 1 institute, including Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Technological, Economic and Humanities, Automation and Information Systems, Correspondence, Preparatory (Pre-University), Up-Grading and Retraining Institute.

At 28 Departments of the University 400 highly qualified teachers work including 160 educational specialists having higher academic degrees and titles. There is a Specialized Examining Board at the University awarding higher degrees by thesis in two specialities. During forty years period the number of engineers graduated amounted to about 15 000 with about 100 Ph.D. and Doctors among them. At present the University has 4 buildings for classes including laboratory building for heavy equipment and 3 students’ hostels with all modern conveniences.

Medical servicing of students is provided at two first aid stations equipped with all necessary equipment. There are 2 cafes (140 places) and a cafeteria for students and employees and 2 cafeterias at the students hostels. Sports facilities of the University include game and training halls, open sports grounds, gym halls.

The University library stocks over 550 000 volumes of literature and enables the subscription to scientific journals. Electronic catalogue of the library, electronic library and other databases are offered to the users of local computer network of the University. The library also provides user’s access to the Internet resources and full text databases of scientific periodicals.

The University has its own publishing center which provides publishing educational, scientific, popular science, production-practical and reference literature and making forms and other polygraphic products. It also enables to sell by retail books , magazines, journals and stationary articles. Scientific and practical journal “Vestnik of the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel” included on the list of Supreme Certification Commission for publishing dissertation thesis in engineering for higher degrees is published. The University newspaper “Sushka” is printed presenting the material reflecting the life of the University and its departments.

The University participates in governmental and intercollege scientific and technical programs and is involved in cooperation in the fields of education and science with the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics (the city of Trieste, Italy) Trieste and Padua Universities, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (the city of Doubna, Russia), Institute for Low Temperatures and Structural Study of the Polish Academy of Science (the city of Wroclaw, Poland), the National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kiev Polytechnic Institute” and a number of other foreign establishments and educational institutions.

Biannual International Scientific and Technical Conference “Present-Day Problems of Engineering Science” is held at the University representing scientific readings in memory of P.O.Sukhoi. Additionally, International Conferences “Mentality of Slavs”, “Strategy and Tactics of Developing Production and Economic Systems" and other are held periodically.