Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories of the University

  1. International Center for Advanced Studies
  2. Technical Ceramics and Nanomaterials
  3. Ecology
  4. Laboratory for Physical Studies and Abdus Salam ICTP Affiliated Centre
  5. Energy Audit

1. International Center for Advanced Studies

Director: Dr. Olga P. Solovtsova (DSc in Physics and Mathematics)

Address: Pr.Octiabria, 48, Gomel, 246746, Republic of Belarus

Tel. + 375 232 47 84 87


International Center for Advanced Studies (ICAS) was established in 2002 with the purpose of consolidation of research potentials of intergovernmental organization “Joint Institute for Nuclear Research “ (the city of Doubna) and the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel in the field of fundamental and applied science, improving the quality of education, training specialists of high qualification, applying new forms of international cooperation. In 2003 the additional agreement on personnel training was concluded. Nowadays the ICAS council consists of internationally recognized scientists and researchers.

Research areas of the Center and the methods of research applied are closely connected with the world-known school of the XX century of the academician of Russian Academy of Sciences D.V.Shirkov, widely known as the the author of “The Introduction to the Theory of Quantum Fields”, a work in fundamental physics that played very important role in education of many generations of physicists and mathematicians all over the world.

Goals and objectives of the Center:

  • Training specialists of high qualification and conducting research in most promising areas ofand physical-mathematical and applied sciences based on the integration of higher education, fundamental and applied sciences.
  • Improving the efficiency of the participating scientists and specialists of the Republic of Belarus in the operation of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the member of which being the Republic of Belarus.
  • Improving instruction process by employing qualified specialists including the scientists of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research for delivering lectures, supervising research work of students and post-graduate students and also on the basis of cooperation with education and research center of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.
  • Inviting young scientists and specialists to the Center as a place of professional contacts, meetings and the exchange of research information.
  • Establishing relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with national and international research and educational centers, and also with industrial enterprises and institutions.
  • Conducting international conferences, workshops, scientific schools, colloquiums and symposiums in the field of physics and mathematics.
  • Developing and applying into practice new forms of international cooperation with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

2. Engineering Ceramics and Nanomaterials

Research Manager: Dr. Alexandr A. Alexeenko, Ph.D. in Engineering

Address: Barykina 269, Gomel, 246746, Republic of Belarus

Tel. + 375 232 46 09 07


Research area of the Laboratory – the study of physical and chemical processes of synthesizing oxide systems and obtaining based on them materials with preset properties (glass, ceramics, composite materials) with the use of original scientific methods and developments.

On working areas of the Laboratory the manufacture of a number of engineering developments is provided:

  • Diamond grinding elements with ceramic bond for optic part fine grinding;
  • Large pore ceramic filter elements for cleaning oil products, solder melt and other substances
  • Ceramic diffuser-aerators for circuit boards wave soldering units;
  • Electrotechnical ceramic accessories;
  • Optical UV-absorbing light transformers on the base of high silica glasses;
  • Nonlinear optical matrices in the form of high silica glasses containing nano particles of recovered metals and metal chalkogenides;
  • Luminescent materials in the form of ultra dispersed powders and ceramic materials based on yttrium oxide, aluminum and yttrium -aluminum-garnet;
  • Heat insulating materials in the form of foamed glass ceramics or composites
  • Micro and nano size forsterite powders (Mg2SiO4) doped with chromium ions for obtaining luminescent ceramics designed for femtosecond laser for lower Infra Red Band (as optically active elements);
  • Magnetically soft composite materials applied as functional components of radioelectronic devices of new generation.

3. Ecology

Research Manager: Tatiana A. Rossol

Address: Pr.Octiabria, 48, Gomel, 246746, Republic of Belarus

Tel. +375 232 40 57 43


The Laboratory is accredited to control industrial emission, free air, parameters of gas dust flows, parameters of smoke protection ventilation systems.

4. Laboratory for Physical Studies and Abdus Salam ICTP Affiliated Centre

Рage under reconstruction.

5. Energy Audit

Address: Pr.Octiabria, 48, Gomel, 246746, Republic of Belarus

Tel. +375 23 40 03 39


Research Manager: Dmitriy V. Shvedkov

The Laboratory is certified to provide energy audit of the enterprises and organizations in any industry with no limitation for annual fuel and energy resources consumption. The Laboratory provides energy audit and the development of energy saving programs, fuel and energy consumption rate development and coordination with relevant organizations.

The Laboratory staff includes specialists in industrial power engineering and information technologies and electrical engineers, power engineers, electronic engineers.

The Laboratory has great operation experience and this enables to provide high-level energy audits of economic entities of the Republic of Belarus, work out programs on energy saving, provide technical and economic assessment of the measures applied for fuel and energy saving. All the jobs are done competently from technical point of view, with high quality and in due time stipulated by the agreements.

Types of work performed:

  • Energy audit, fuel and energy consumption rate setting, preparation of document package, preparing for approval the norms and measures on energy saving at the regional Department for rational usage of fuel and energy resources control;
  • Energy audit or express audit (by separate area of consumption) of enterprises (organizations, establishments), working out technical and economic assessment and evaluation of the efficiency of energy saving measures;
  • Energy audit of boiler house, inspection of operating modes of boiler units with the instrument measurements of issued gases, parameters of heat-carriers produced and energy flows. Energy balance preparation and determining actual efficiency of boiler houses;
  • Working out electric energy and fuel consumption rates to supply heat energy to boiler houses;
  • Working out electric energy and fuel consumption rates for production needs for separate technological processes and for the whole enterprise integrally.
  • Thermal imaging diagnostics of external and internal surfaces of protecting structures of administrative, production and residential buildings, bringing out defects in the building thermal insulations, checking correspondence of heat engineering characteristics of protecting structures of the buildings and structures to normative parameters;
  • Thermal imaging diagnostics of electric and thermal equipment, complex assessment of technical condition, bringing out the defects of equipment operated and working out the recommendations on maintaining equipment in the required technical condition;
  • Performing lighting engineering projects and working out recommendations on producing indoor and street lighting systems;
  • Computation of standard losses in main lines;
  • Working out energy category certificates of enterprises;
  • Measurement and quality control of electric power in the devices for electric power supply to consumers.