Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Main Research Areas


  1. Simulation, optimization and control of electronic and electro-mechanical systems and devices.
  2. Information technologies and modeling of physical and biomechanical systems.
  3. Technical systems of the new generation, methods of improving their reliability and safety.
  4. Effective technology in metal processing, metallurgy, foundry industry; improving the design of mobile machines and units.
  5. Energy supply, energy conservation and energy efficiency.
  6. Material, physical and chemical methods and technologies of producing new substances, materials, nanotechnology.
  7. The mathematical and physical methods for studying fundamental interactions and the structure of matter.
  8. The  features of social and economic processes, institutions and mechanisms for sustainable development of  Gomel region.

International Scientific and Technical Conferences are held at the University:

  • International scientific and technical conference “Present-Day Problems of Engineering Science” (scientific readings in memory of P.O. Sukhoi);
  • International scientific and practical conference “Strategy and Tactics of  Industrial- Economic Systems”;
  • International scientific conference “Mentality of Slavs and Integration Processes: History, Modern Times, Prospects”;
  • International scientific and methodic conference “The Problems of  Modern Education at the Technical Higher Education Institution “;
  • International scientific and technical conference of students ,  postgraduate students and young scientists “Research and Development in Mechanical Engineering, Energetics and Management”;
  • International scientific conference of the students, Master students and postgraduate students “Belarus in the Contemporary World”.

The University maintains  scientific relations with the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute  for Nuclear Research  (the city of Doubna, Russia),  Institute for Low Temperatures and Structural Study of Polish  Academy of Science (the city of Wroclaw, Poland), the National Technical University  of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” and with the number of  scientific  and educational centers of Germany, Norway, Spain and other countries.

There is a Research Sector functioning within the structure of the University. 

The International Center for Advanced Studies was established at the University in cooperation with the International Intergovernmental Organization “Joint Institute for Nuclear Research” including eighteen countries.