Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

For International Students

Dear applicants!

We are glad to welcome you at the official website of Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel - one of the leading technical universities in Belarus widely known not only in our country but also far beyond its borders. Today the University provides instruction to more than 100 international students from Azerbayjan, Turkmenistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Ukraine. Thank you for your interest in studying at our University!

In this section you will find the actual information relating to admission to our University.

1. Admission and Instruction - this section contains brief description of the main points of admitting and instructing the international students at the University.

2. Educational Programs - this section contains some information about our Bachelor's Programs and the Preparatory Department for Foreign Nationals. Time periods of studying and fees are also given in this section.

3. Master's and PhD Degree - this section will be useful for students that already completed their Bachelor's Programs and wish to continue their Education on receiving the Degree of master in Engineering or Economics. Time periods of studying and fees are also given in this section.

4. Russian Language Courses - the section for the students that are interest in learning Russian language either for continuing their education or for other personal purposes. Time periods of studying and fees are also given in this section.

5. How to Apply - this section describes in details the procedures of application for the students from different countries and regions.

6. How to Transfer to / be Reinstated at GSTU - in this section those who wish to transfer to our University may find some useful information on the transfering procedure.

7. International Students' Life at GSTU - in this section the international students will tell about themselves, their studies and their life at GSTU.

In case you would like to ask for additional information you may always contact the International Deparment of the University - we will be glad to offer you our assistance and advice.

We will be glad to see you at our University. Welcome to GSTU!