Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

International Associations

The University is a member of the three International associations.

 1. International Association of   Border Regions’ Higher Education Institutions of  Belarus (Vitebsk, Gomel, and Mogilev)  and Russia (Briansk, Pskov and Smolensk)  -  was established  in April 2006.  Guided by the aspiration for  all-round development of mutually beneficial scientific, educational and cultural relations, mutual understanding and friendship between research and educational teams,  social organizations, students, researchers and instructors of higher education institutions of  fraternal nations on  April  4, 2006 the Agreement on International Cooperation between higher education institutions and  other educational institutions of border regions of Belarus (Vitebsk,  Gomel and Mogilev) and Russia (Briansk, Pskov and Smolensk) was concluded .  Presently  29 participants  constitute the  membership of the Association .

2. The Тechnical Universities Association was established in 1993 on the initiative of the leading technical universities of Russia on the basis of the technical universities section of the Eurasia Universities Association. The Association is a non-commercial organization that represents the voluntary and open union of the technical universities. The Association conducts active policy aimed at the unification of the efforts of states, educational institutions, organizations and enterprises in the sphere of realizing the priority of constant development of higher engineering education on the basis of ideas of progressive learning and the ebst traditions of higher engineering education. At present the Association includes 148 members, among which there are 93 technical universities, 6 federal universities (Russian Federation), 19 national research universities, 10 classical universities, 3 academies and politechnical instititues, 3 military higher educational establishments. The Association includes 13 universities from the CIS independent states, among which is the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel.