Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Quality Management System

]]>Mission Statement]]>

The Sukhoi State Technical University is a regional center for training  specialists of high qualification in the field of  power engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, economics and information technologies. The University’s purpose is to meet the needs of the Republic of Belarus and first of all of its industrial and agroindustrial complexes for specialists of high qualification and scientific manpower competitive in the labor market of the Republic of  Belarus and abroad.

]]>Vision Statement]]>

The Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel   is intended to be  a regional research and educational center with polytechnic and  economic spectrum of activity in the sphere of higher education and  research in  power engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, economics and information  technologies areas, having developed infrastructure, high research and  human resource potential, solving the problems of rendering scientific and educational services based on up-to-date educational standards, programs and technologies, training specialists and scientific manpower  of high qualification capable of  multiplying intellectual, industrial and economic potential of  our country.

]]>Quality Policy]]>

The  Sukhoi  State Technical University of Gomel being the regional center for training specialists of high qualification in the fields of  power engineering, mechanical engineering, economics and information technologies, guided by the Laws of the Republic of  Belarus and the requirements of  consumers intends to become a leading higher education  institution in the regional market of  educational and scientific  services by implementing the following intentions in quality sphere:

  1. Ensuring high level of  the quality of  training future specialists including high-level qualification specialists based on harmonic unity of  educational process and research, integration of  educational process and industry, formation of  spiritual and moral values, development of  active national position and professional culture of specialists;
  2. Continuous improvement of educational activity based on raising the level of  educational  professionalism, building up human resource potential through training research and educational specialists of high-level qualification, applying innovative educational technologies, improving  the organization of  instructional and educative process, modernizing training and laboratory equipment; material and technical basis of the University;
  3. Increasing scientific potential of the University and the level of research based on conducting research and development work, innovation and production performance, cooperation in the field of  education, science and innovation at the national and international levels;
  4. Developing, applying and continuous improving the system of the University quality management in accordance with СТБ ISO 9001-2009 Standard.

Administration of the University is responsible for the implementation of  this policy at each administration level, its updating and  supplying  all necessary resources for all types of activity.

The whole staff of the University as well as  students and post-graduate students participate in the implementation of the Quality Policy. Each employee is personally responsible for  the quality of  his/her labor within his/her competence. Precise definition of rights and duties, powers and responsibilities of the University staff is provided within the framework of Quality Management System at each administration level.

Implementation of the Policy is directed to maximum complete satisfying the needs of the individual, organizations, the society and the Government for educational services, research and innovation.