Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Main Directions

International activity of the University is aimed at integration with  the world educational and scientific community and  improving educational process and  research quality by the following:

  • development of  ties and relations of the University with partner Universities by means of students’ and instructors’  academic exchange;
  • learning  international experience  in training specialists with higher education;
  • enhancement of  scientific cooperation with foreign counterparts;
  • implementing joint research projects and holding events;
  • information and methodic scientific works exchange;
  • attarcting international students to studying at the University.

The Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel has over 50 cooperation agreements with higher education institutions and research institutions in 11 foreign countries: Russia, Ukraine,  Kazakhstan,  Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan. Under the agreements and contracts on cooperation concluded by the University joint educational and cultural projects are implemented, students exchange is arranged,  the University employees are sent for research and study traineeship, joint research is conducted,  instructors of  the partner higher education institutions deliver lectures and classes to the University students. 

Close cooperation of the University with the Sukhoi Company (JSC, Russia) has been maintained for many years. Under the Agreement of cooperation  with the JSC the  International Scientific and Technical Conference - “Present –Day Problems of Engineering Science” (scientific  readings in memory of  P.O.Sukhoi) is held on a regular basis. The researchers and students of the University have the possibility to  win annual scholarships granted by the Sukhoi Company (JSC, Russia) for research achievements and  excellence in studies.

Since 2012 the University has been participating in the TEMPUS IV programs as a member of Consortiums of HEIs of European and CIS countries.