Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

At GSTU hosted the 1st International Youth Scientific and Cultural Forum

On March 5–7, our university hosted the 1st International Youth Scientific and Cultural Forum, organized by the Council of Young Scientists of our university.


This forum became an excellent opportunity for young people to exchange ideas and knowledge in the field of science and culture, as well as a driver for the development of cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Yemen, as well as other countries. The organizers were Taiz University. The event was attended by the guest of honor Ahmed Al-Moghalis, Assistant Counselor for Culture, External Relations and Work with Students of the Bureau of Culture of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the Russian Federation.


The forum included many events: an exhibition and presentation of scientific and cultural achievements; cultural and educational events, scientific and technical conference.


Scientific and technical conference in 2 sections: “Modern electronics, information technology and automation”, “Innovative mechanical engineering and materials science”.


The forum provided an opportunity for each participant to expand their cultural and professional competencies, open up new opportunities for cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge for future joint projects.


Also, as part of the forum, a tasting of national cuisine was organized, where everyone could experience the culture of different countries.