Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

The qualifying educational stage of projects of higher education institutions of the republican competition “100 ideas for Belarus” was held at the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

What kind of neurogymnastics do students need and how does it affect the efficiency of concentration, how to solve the problem of uneven electrical load schedules of the energy system, who will benefit from an interactive platform about Belarus?


January 25 at the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel, young inventors from all over the region gathered to present unique developments in ten creative categories of social and technical orientation as part of the qualifying educational stage of projects of higher education institutions in the Gomel region of the Republican youth innovation competition “100 ideas for Belarus” among the winners of the interuniversity round. Over the years of its existence, the project has grown intoa high-quality launching pad for the implementation and commercialization of the developments and ideas of young Belarusians. Republican competition, organized by the Public Association “Belarusian Republican Youth Union”.


The rector of the university, Artur V. Putyato, addressed the participants of the event with a welcoming speech: “Today representatives of 17 projects, which are recognized as the best in the Gomel region, gathered within the walls of the Polytechnic University. Each of you has repeatedly demonstrated your desire to introduce useful developments into the life of the country, and today you have a chance to prove that it is your ideas that deserve special attention. I wish you success!"


For a qualified assessment of innovations, the expert commission included: Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Vladimirovich Kadlubay, leading specialist of the department for work with youth, youth public associations and formations of the Republican Youth Center Vitalina Vitalievna Dyakova, research workers, representatives of the youth public association “Belarusian Republican Youth Union” ", acting as the organizer of the competition, are professionals in various fields.


Addressing the participants, Alexander Vladimirovich Kadlubay said that during its existence the project, which started in September 2011 on the initiative of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, became not only the calling card of the youth organization, but also the brand of young independent Belarus. Today it is a basic startup for the development of a national movement of young scientists, inventors, and innovators. This is an excellent opportunity to express yourself and get help in the development and support of your author’s project.


“I am grateful to each of you for your initiative and for the fact that, in addition to studying various disciplines and doing science, you find time and energy to develop projects that can benefit our country and the world as a whole. This is the essence of the project: to give your original developments a start in life. I would like to wish you not to stop there, generate new ideas and develop. Good luck!" - noted Alexander Vladimirovich.


At the stage of defending their projects, the guys proposed interesting and in-demand ideas today, many of which relate to the healthcare sector: technology for producing thin films for solar intensity sensors, an application for providing basic medical care with consultations “Pocket Clinic”, a device for fast automatic suturing without the use of staples and adhesive mixtures, the development and launch of production of an occluder for vision correction, a biocompatible antibacterial coating of vascular prostheses to avoid infections during the operation and healing of the patient. After the performances, an educational training was held for the competition participants, at which the children received professional comments, as well as recommendations for the presentation of projects, for performances and for the general layout of layouts. Competent experts suggested where to direct projects next, how they could be improved and what needed to be improved. Based on the results of the qualifying educational stage of projects of higher education institutions of the republican competition “100 ideas for Belarus”, the best ideas were selected that will be presented by the talented youth of the Gomel region, engaged in the development and promotion of science in the country, at the republican stage of the competition.