Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

The New Year is rushing towards us! The Polytechnic University hosted an International Friendship Evening “New Year With Friends!”

New Year's holidays are coming... Along with them, not only the smell of tangerines bursts into the lives of each of us, but also the atmosphere of magic and miracle reigning in the air. To help students and pre-university students who came to study in Belarus from different countries have fun and feel like heroes of a winter fairy tale, a festive event was held at the Polytechnic University with traditional round dances, songs, dances and unusual characters straight from the pages of books.


At the festival the students met Father Frost, Snow Maiden, and Leshim, which allowed them to touch our traditions, culture, and get a lot of emotions and pleasure from the performance that was performed for them. The students were immersed in a real fairy tale that unfolded before them in reality, giving them an unforgettable experience.


There were also fun competitions: students guessed musical compositions, had a pillow fight, turned into mummies, danced in a circle, danced provocatively, and played “Snowballs.” All games were accompanied by sincere laughter and smiles that never left the faces of all participants in the event.


International evening of friendship “New Year with friends!” It turned out bright and unforgettable! It left in the hearts of all participants not only a magical New Year's mood, but also a sea of ​​joyful emotions!