Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Representative of the Polytechnic University - participant of the regional tour of the XIV Republican Festival of National Cultures in Dobrush

The Republic of Belarus is the common home of many peoples of very different ethnic and religious backgrounds. On November 25, dozens of guests from all over the region gathered on the stage of the regional Palace of Culture in Dobrush to take part in the regional tour of the XIV Republican Festival of National Cultures and talk about their feelings for Belarus. The Festival of National Cultures is a symbol of peace and interethnic friendship on Belarusian soil, the unity of nations and nationalities, their spiritual wealth and creative potential. This is a unique opportunity to observe a real constellation of talents of representatives of different nationalities who live, study and work in our country.


Among the participants is an employee of the department for educational work with youth of the GSTU, representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt Elsherbini Salah Mohamed Elsayed. He performed a heartfelt patriotic song “Long live Egypt!” in Arabic and amazed the audience in the hall with the sincerity of the performance, adequately representing their culture.


On this day, melodies of different nations also sounded on the Dobrush stage, replaced by colorful choreographic compositions, sometimes free-spirited, sometimes fiery-sparkling, but always eternal in their beauty and originality.


A truly unique festival, which united participants with an ardent desire to share the treasures of national art, to again and again touch its most intimate sources, turned out to be bright and unforgettable.

The Polytechnic representative had extremely positive emotions from participating in the event, at the end of which Elsherbini Salah Mohamed Elsayed was awarded a diploma for the preservation and promotion of the original culture of the peoples living in Belarus.