Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Welcome to GSTU - 2023

Belarus is a unique country. It is a living room, home to many nationalities. We value diversity, multinationality and multiculturalism. The task of our university, as well as the entire Republic of Belarus, is to make sure that students who come to study with us feel at home here.

This academic year, the ranks of students of the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel was attended by guys from seven countries: Azerbaijan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Nigeria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia.

On November 20, the traditional event for our university to initiate foreign first-year students into students “Welcome to Polytechnic - 2023” took place.


On behalf of the university management, the Vice Rector for Education and Educative Work Aleksandr V. Shapovalov : “I am very glad to see each of you within the walls of our university. You have become part of one very friendly and large family of students and graduates of our university. There are already more than 40 thousand of them. From this moment on, you represent the honor and name of the Polytechnic University. Remember: we are all one. Let me wish you excellent studies and good, constructive knowledge that will definitely be useful in the future. Let every new day spent within the walls of the university be full of discoveries, bright emotions and memorable events.”


To ensure complete mutual understanding between the parties, translators were present at the meeting, with the help of which the information was broadcast in three languages: Russian, English and French.


Vice Rector for Education and Instruction Aleksandr V. Sychou also addressed the students with congratulations and parting words: “I am glad to welcome representatives from different countries to our university. Together with the deans of the faculties, we will try to make the learning environment comfortable for you. One of the conditions for the success of your studies is the fulfillment of all the requirements that apply to students at our university. First of all, this is regular attendance of classes,completing assignments given by teachers, diligent preparation for tests and exams. Last year, three foreign students graduated from our university with honors. And I would really like you to also achieve high results in your studies and join the list of those who will graduate from our university with honors. Good luck!”


The Dean of the Faculty of Automated and Information Systems, Candidate of Technical Sciences Igor I. Sutorma, in his address to those present, wished the students success in their studies and expressed the hope that all their expectations associated with the Polytechnic University will definitely come true.


Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Economics Maria Nikolaevna Andriyanchikova “You are students of the best university, and here you have many opportunities to realize your potential. Now you are only at the beginning of your journey, and I wish you to study well and improve your professional knowledge and skills. Let everything work out!”


The head of the international relations department, Natalya Leonidovna Zhuravskaya, thanked the guys for coming to get an education at the Polytechnic University, and for continuing to delight the teaching staff with their successes and activity. “I hope the knowledge gained will help you in your future life,” summed up Natalya Leonidovna.


The meeting, which took place in a friendly atmosphere, ended with the performance of the student anthem “Gaudeamus”.