Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Head of the Department of Marketing and Industrial Economics on an internship at the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov

From October 30 to November 2, the head of the department of “Marketing and Industrial Economics” Larisa Lukinichna Solovyeva completed an internship at one of the leading universities of the Russian Federation, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education REU named after. G.V. Plekhanov at the Department of Marketing, which was created in 1989 and became the first department of marketing in the post-Soviet space. In 2014, she was visited by the famous marketer Philip Kotler, who became an honorary doctor of the Russian University of Economics. It was very interesting to study the experience of the first marketing department.


The department is large, it employs 32 teachers and 4 laboratory assistants. It graduates bachelors and masters in the direction of “Management” with a profile of “Marketing” in Russian and English, and the faculty of the department teach marketing disciplines in other specialties of the university. In the structure of the university, which includes higher schools (reorganized faculties), the Department of Marketing belongs to the Higher School of Creative Technologies and almost all types of contacts with students are digitalized: electronic dean’s office (one for the entire university), schedule, email for communication with the teacher, links to in the form of QR codes, an electronic magazine, a 100-point system of current and final ratings


The department is very active in scientific activities. Today, its teaching staff are studying the perception of the provision of transport services and developing directions for their improvement.