Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Future IT specialists visited the Innowise Group office and learned everything about working in IT

On October 26, 2023, an excursion was held at the IT company Innowise Group for second-year students of the Information Technology department. Students received a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the work of programmers, internships and receiving their first job offer in an IT company.


The guys were shown various departments of the company: QA, PHP, BA, .NET, Unity and others. Representatives of each department spoke about current projects, requirements for applicants and shared valuable experience. Students actively asked questions about the areas and specializations they were interested in the IT field.


After the excursion, a meetup was organized for the guys, where they gained new knowledge about various Java frameworks. The event was held in an informal atmosphere and aroused great interest among students.

On October 27, foreign students of the State Technical University named after P.O. Sukhoi also visited the office of the IT company Innowise Group as part of an introductory tour.


Innowise Group is a software development company founded in 2007. It has offices in Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia. All offices are equipped with modern equipment and create comfortable conditions for employees to work and rest.

The company's specialists warmly greeted the students and gave them a tour of the office. Students got acquainted with the IT products developed by Innowise Group, the stages of their creation, and also learned more about professions in the field of information technology.


Students asked many deep and varied questions. During the visit, the possibility of students undergoing practical training in the company was also discussed.