Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Defense of master's theses at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

On June 26, 2023, master's theses were defended at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Engineering Technology.


5 works were presented, which reflected a wide range of studies in the specialty of the II stage of higher education "Innovative technology in mechanical engineering." Master's dissertations by Yu Yanyan, Salah Elsherbini and Nikita Kaminsky were related to developments in the mechanical engineering of the oil and gas industry, Viollets Protsko with gas thermal spraying to restore the surfaces of metal parts, Alexey Trapeznikov reflected developments on 3D prototyping of complex parts.


The defense was also attended by the reviewer of the head of the Department of Metallurgy and Material Processing Technology, Ph.D., associate professor Bobarikin Yu.L., who acted as an expert on dissertations, checked them for compliance with professional standards and criteria and assessed the quality of scientific significance and correctness of the methodology applied. As a result of the defense, the commission noted the high level of training of undergraduates, their professional answers to questions. As a result, the average score for defending dissertations was 9.6.