Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

III International Championship "BELAZ CHALLENGE - 2023"

BELAZ-CHALLENGE is an international practice-oriented educational project that provides a unique opportunity for students of the best technical universities to demonstrate a new look at solving mining problems using the example of real cases. The championship has been held since 2017 and every year it becomes larger, gathering more and more talented youth under its wing.

This year, 8 teams of the best technical universities in Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan took part in the Challenge. Students presented proposals for the introduction of alternative energy sources for mine dump trucks, analyzed the operation of equipment based on data from the IMS intelligent monitoring system, demonstrated knowledge about BELAZ in the "BELAZ, please!"

In a bitter struggle for the main prize, the team of the National Research Technological University MISiS won, gaining the maximum number of points. Their decision of the machine-building case, according to the competent jury, which included top managers of BELAZ, became the most thorough.