Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Mr. Dormitories - 2023

The student's dormitory is his second home where he should feel comfortable. What a student life without gatherings is late, without watching a film together, frying dumplings together in the kitchen and songs with a guitar. The hostel helps to make friends, become independent and enter adulthood, and most importantly, reveal your talents.


In the hostels of Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel, many interesting events are held at which the children have the opportunity to show their strengths and really surprise the guests. A good tradition was the holding of the creative student competition "Mr. Dormitory - 2023," held among the guys, whose share among the students of our university is about 80%.


During the competition, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the university, each of the contestants proved with his artistic, external and intellectual data that it was he who deserves to become "Mr. Hostel - 2023."


The guys surprised the audience with their erudition, knowledge of the history of the university, revealed talents in exciting creative rooms. Young men proved that they are not only diligent students, but also people with a culture of speech, a sense of humor and charisma.


Rector Artur Vladimirovich Putsiatao thanked the participants for their worthy performance and for the fact that each of them was able to overcome himself and declare his unique talents and abilities. Each of the guys managed to adequately present themselves and prove that they are the best.

Congratulations to the winners!