Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Training of citizens from the People's Republic of China

The institution of education "Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel" provides recruitment for citizens from the People's Republic of China for the following specialties of the second stage of higher education of the full-time form of education in English:

1-25 80 01 Economics (1 year)

1-36 80 02 Innovative Technologies in Mechanical Engineering (1 year)

1-40 80 04 Information Science and Programming Technologies (1 year and 8 months)


In accordance with the Order of the Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus dated 29.07.2021 No. 577 "Оn measures to improve the quality of training at the II stage of higher education," the university prepares undergraduates enrolled in the university, with their presence directly in the classrooms and laboratories of the university in accordance with the regulatory period for obtaining education in the selected specialties of master's degree.

The teaching staff with a high level of English proficiency is involved in the training of undergraduates. Scientific and methodological suppon of the educational process meets the requirements for higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the curriculum, each undergraduate is provided with educational literature and teaching materials. Individual consultations for foreign undergraduates are held on a regular basis, There is the necessary amount of computer equipment and the corresponding software.

Defending Master's Thesis is organized by the university with the direct presence of the master's student at a meeting of the state examination commission with the execution of the protocol.