Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

GSTU Staff Members participate in the training organized within the BELL project (Great Britain)

On September 01 – September 08,  2018 the staff members of GSTU took part in a training visit to Milton Keynes (Great Britain). A five-days training was organized on the basis of  the Open University, one of the leading educational institutions in the world that practices only the distant learning.

The Open University is the British educational institution established in 1969. Its aim is to provide the people with the possibility to study at any time and place possible. At present the University trains 178 000 students. It is the biggest university in the UK and one of the biggest in the world. As it was mentioned, the Open University practices only the distant learning.

The members of the University delegation included Dr. Yury Kalesnik (Head of the Upgrading and Retraining Institute), Alexander Semak (Head of the International Department), Elena Gridina (Senior Instructor of the Upgrading and Retraining Institute)

Participants of the training developed the model of the distant learning curriculum based on the methods and technologies used by the Open University. This model will be used to develop the series of distant learning curricula within the BELL project.

The training was conducted by Dr. Neil Murray, a leading specialist in distant learning curricula development.