Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Students of Sukhoi State Technical University share their impressions about manufacturing practice at “Euro-Locks” Poland

This year students of GSTU have undertook the practice at the factory “Euro-Locks” in Ruda Śląska, Poland. This company designs and manufactures locking systems for a wide range of industrial customers. At the moment the factory supplies more than 60 mln products annually. It provides both simple mechanical locks and complex electronic locks, as well as numerous individual solutions.

The 5 year student, Eduard Tonchinski, shares his impressions: “Our team consisted of 3 people: Anna Zhevnova, Alexei Astreiko and me. We worked in different workshops: in the warehouse we were packing parts into packages, at the installation process we were pressing different seals and sorting locks and in the foundry we were covering parts with a protective wax coating. Also we tried to punch lock clutches and drew a 3D model of the lock components.

The organization of the practice was at a high level: foremen showed us different workshops, demonstrated how to operate machine tools and even organized field trips to Warsaw, where we visited different famous places.

I’d like to note the factory administration attitude to the workers and decent working conditions have a positive impact on the staff.”