Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Shah Syed Zameer Hussain (Pakistan) is telling about his studying at GSTU

I have chosen GSTU for getting my Master’s Degree due to many reasons, but the most important reason was the possibility to study in English. Teaching all the profile subjects in the language that I speak as a native speaker allows me to learn all the important materials. Of course I also study Russian language but now I am using it mostly outside the University while visiting shops, cafes and communicating with my Belarusian friends.

While studying here my scientific supervisors and other lecturers are giving me the possibility of visiting the local enterprises for getting practical training skills that are necessary for further development of my professional career.

My Master’s thesis title is «Imitation model of solar power station». While working on my thesis I studied the basic volume of the Simulink System that is included in MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory). Several simplest algorithms showing the functioning of the electric chains were developed on the basis of this volume. It was discovered that this volume does not included the necessary elements for the imitation of the photo-elements functioning. Taking this into consideration I decided to develop the photo-element model for this volume. This task was fulfilled successfully.

In my free hours I like walking around the city and socializing with my friends both from lecturers and students of our University. This is due to the fact that Belarus is peaceful and benevolent country. The people here are polite and benevolent and are always ready to help you anytime and anywhere.

Shah Syed Zameer Hussain (Pakistan) is telling about his studying at GSTU

Prices and fees in Belarus are lower than in other countries. I mean not only the tuition fee. Before coming here I compared different living and tuition fees in many European countries. It turned out that living at the hostel in Belarus is 10 times lower than in some other countries. The same thing is about food, here it is cheap and of good quality. I like Belarusian vegetables a lot. Also I liked chocolate produced by the local confectionery factory “Spartak”.

In conclusion I would like to say that the one of the most exciting and interesting impressions here in Belarus was the snowfall. This is because my homeland Pakistan is a very warm country and snow can be seen only at the tops of the mountains there. That is why I would like to suggest my friends that are going to come here for studying to take some warm clothes and a photo-camera.

Shah Syed Zameer Hussain (Pakistan) is telling about his studying at GSTU