Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Summer schools

Programming of Mobile Robotics

(study programming and Russian)

Specialities: Machine Building, Programming, Automation, Russian

Key Dates:

  • Submission of applications for international students: till August 11, 2020
  • Arrival: September 01-02, 2020
  • Beginning of studies: September 03, 2020
  • Termination of studies: September 14, 2020
  • Departure: September 15-17, 2020

Target Group

Anyone who wants to get unique experience in studying robotics, Russian and just have some fun.

Submission of Documents

Those who wish to participate in the activity of the Summer School should submit the application directly to the International Department of the University via e-mail at

Fees: 300 USD

Accommodation: University hostel

Number of the Summer School students: 10-20.

Program of the Summer School 2020

The activity of the Summer School 2020 is aimed at popularization of engineering education, getting acquainted with up-to-date systems of automatic control of technological equipment, acquiring the skills of operation with automatic mechatronic systems, industrial and mobile robots, research equipment, and also improving language proficiency in the Russian language for the students of the School.

The Program of the Summer Schools includes:

  • lectures, seminars, round tables with Belarusian researchers and students, and also discussions with Belarusian experts;
  • presentations;
  • visiting enterprises and research organizations of Gomel city;
  • getting first-hand view of research equipment with scanning electron microscope given as an example;
  • master classes in industrial microcontrollers programming;
  • master classes in mobile robots programming;
  • cultural program (presentation by the students of the Summer School of their countries and the Universities; getting acquainted with the social sphere, history and culture of Belarus);
  • Russian language at the beginners’, intermediate and advanced levels.

The Summer School activity is focused on the main aspects of the development, production and programming of the present-day mechatronic systems with automatic control. Major lectures and master classes will be provided by the instructors of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel. The students of the Summer School will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the sphere of the present-day systems of automatic control of technological equipment and industrial robots, get the skills of industrial microcontrollers programming, operation with the research equipment, assembly and adjustment of mechatronic systems and improving the Russian language proficiency for the students of the Summer School.

The major objective of Summer School is studying the present-day mechatronic systems with automatic control, acquiring the skills of programming microcontrollers of technological equipment and programmable mobile robots and getting first-hand view of the research equipment.

During the classes of the Summer School the students gain the knowledge of the principles of mechatron systems designing, the major components of the automatic control systems for technological equipment, programming strategy and programming interfaces of industrial microcontrollers and mobile robots programming algorithms.

Key Aspects:

  • Mechatronic systems
  • Programming of industrial controllers
  • Interface and software for controllers programming
  • Research equipment
  • Architecture of mobile robots
  • Programming of the mobile robot behavior
  • Application of industrial controllers in “Smart House” technology.